CRANE streamware - A Crane Co. Company

Moran Munchies is on the cutting edge of technology for vending. We use Streamware, the industry's leading software, which helps us provide better service and product selection to our customers. All route personnel use handheld computers which sync with machines to transfer all needed information. Once downloaded into our server, this information helps us serve our customers in a variety of ways.

Our reports track the number of empty selections that are present in a machine prior to that machine being filled. This same report also gives the overall "% empty" a machine is at the time of service as well as the "% full" the machine is at the completion of the service by the route personnel. This data allows us to set par amounts and a service schedule to maintain a proper product inventory in the machine.

Streamware hand-held tracking

Through Streamware, we can also run Product Ranking Reports for our customers. These reports track every item vended during the selected period of time. The data collected allows us to change what is being stocked in the machine and track the highest and lowest sellers. Many of our customers find this beneficial because it informs them as to what the best and worst selling items are.

The reporting system allows Moran Munchies to provide customers with better selection and service at the vending machine.

CRANE streamware - A Crane Co. Company

Monetary systems allowing payment with cash, credit , debit, Apple Pay and Google Wallet allows for convenience of purchase by the consumer. Telemetry units inside the vending machines transmit data to the server and allows Moran Munchies to view the stock levels and operational status of the machines and service them accordingly. This provides a superior level of machine level management at each customer location.